Brisbane Airshow - Glider JS3

Glider JS3

The design team started with a clean sheet – new wings, new fuselage new tail section – all integrated using calibrated CFD tools to extract the maximum performance.

Improvements on the highly successful JS1 were identified by Dr Johan Bosman in his P.hD studies over a period of 3 years – the research results formed the basis for the design of the JS3.

The most obvious and highest contributor to the improvements is the high wing position. This geometry enhances laminar flow profiles closer to the fuselage with less overall interference effects. The result is reduced flow separation on the top surface of the wing – a phenomenon clearly observed in wing configurations mounted lower on the fuselage.

The cockpit is design using 3D ergonomic simulation software and refined with the assistance of Teams Design – a Design Company in Germany. Pilots of all sizes find a comfortable position with the controls and instruments within comfortable reach.

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