Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailYak-52


A classic Soviet primary trainer aircraft which first flew in 1976, the unrivalled Yak-52 was exclusively used in military environments for unrelenting aerobatic and combat training. Since the 1990’s and the fall of the Soviet Union, many Yak-52’s have been exported to the West. Of the approximately 1800 produced to date, most now fly in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. 

It has a cool maximum speed of 285km per hour, with a climb rate of 1,400ft per minute. This aircraft is a dream to fly – responsive and capable as an aerobatic aircraft. With a roll rate in excess of 120 degrees per second and an impressive vertical performance, the Yak-52 can complete advanced aerobatic maneuvers with masterful and effortless efficiency.

Weight: Empty 2,238 lbs., Max Takeoff 2,877 lbs.
Wing Span: 30ft. 6.25in.
Length: 25ft. 5in.
Height: 8ft. 10.25in.
Maximum Speed: 223 mph
Range: 310 miles
Armament: None
Number Built: 1,800+
Number Still Airworthy: 1,200+

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