Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailJames Crockett

James Crockett

James 45, grew up in Brisbane. Has a deep seeded passion for all things aviation. This passion started as a young lad, with RC modles, before he completing his first solo flight in a glider on his 15th birthday. He gained his pilots license before he could legally drive a car. James performed at air shows all over the country in his teenage years before he took to commercial turbo prop’s and jet operations in his early twenties. James was promoted to several senior management positions within the regional airline industry, before he was offered a position with Virgin Blue, flying the Boeing 737 as First Officer. In 2006 James was promoted to Captain. In 2010 James took up a position flying the Boeing 777.

Today James, flys with Virgin Australia, whilst also being heavily involved in the Aviation community – He sits on several company boards overseeing flight operations and management, he is the Chief Pilot of Fighter Pilot Group, and is the Brisbane Airshow Organiser and promotor. A regular on the airshow circuit flying everything from the Yak-3 to the L-39 Albatros Jet.

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