Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailRodney Ginn

Rodney Ginn

Rodney is an aviation enthusiast based on the Sunshine Coast and has been a pilot since the early 1990’s. With several thousand hours of experience, he is a keen flyer of Fighter Pilot’s Yak-52 and has an undeniable love affair for the WACO Biplane affectionately known as Marilyn.

Rodney also pilots emergency service missions, including fire spotting and fauna & flora research. He is passionate about sharing the flying experience through Fighter Pilot.

Like all the team at Fighter Pilot, Rodney’s experience began as a small boy, growing up around Caloundra Airport where his father Brian maintained and kept many small planes in a state of preparedness for many owners. This is where Rodney first fell in love with Aviation. Over his 22 years of flying, Caloundra still remains Rodney’s main base.

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