Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailNick Maddocks

Nick Maddocks

Nick is an up-and-coming warbird pilot with a strong passion for everything aviation.

He has extensive skills in gliding, having represented Australia in junior world competition and winning the 2013 Australian two-seat gliding nationals.

Nick experienced his first glider ride at aged four, and went solo as soon as he could on his 15th birthday. Nick’s experience and passion extends to maintenance and engineering. Beginning aircraft maintenance in 2011, Nick works as Cameron’s right-hand man at Performance Aero from jets to warbirds.

Both his grandparents flew powered planes and gliders, and both his parents are avid gliders. Nick follows closely in the footsteps of his Father who is proudly a veteran F-111 pilot, seen by many performing the dump and burn. Nick’s father continues to fly for QANTAS and active mentor to Nick.

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